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Mouse Pad

The name of my artist is Jackson Pollock I chose him simply because his art work fascinated me. I like all of the craziness of his paintings and how disorganized they are. They look like something I could make, just thrown together. The artistic characteristics of Jackson Pollock are he likes everything to flow together. He uses rather dark colors nothing very bright and standing out just very neutral and simple. My mouse pad design is composed of six different pictures all blended together and distorted. I used tools on Photoshop such as stylizing, sketching, sharpening and making lighter and darker. My design communicates the characteristics of my artists work because it is all crazy. My piece is not very put together I should say its just a big mess which is what most of Pollock’s paintings are. The choices I made in selecting imager for my design were something that makes the piece look funky and not ordinary. I wanted my images to all be different from their original form so I used tools that would make the images like that. I used the computer as a tool for transforming my ideas into a design for my mouse pad because I used Photoshop which as tons of tools you can use to create any type of art piece. I was very successful in creating a well unified expressive piece. This artist was perfect for me to do because he shows a lot of emotion through his paintings and I like that. I like how weird and ugly the paintings are and how I do not understand them. I had a few difficulties with Pollock’s paintings however. It was very difficult for me to blend them all together because they are so different. The colors are so bold and the borders are so defined it was hard to blend them smoothly. I soled my problems by using the magic wand tool and getting rid of the sort of square border they all had. Next time I wouldn’t do anything differently I am very satisfied with how my piece turned out i think I did a good job. I liked this project

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Vector Self Portrait

My vector self portrait looks very abstract. It has several different designs in the shoulder area and upper body. I think its very piece looking like a puzzle. I am looking into a mirror at myself putting on mascara because that is the most efficient way to apply make-up is by looking in a mirror, free balling it is very hard. My piece looks dazed because of the expression on my face, sort of confused or as if I am contemplating something or in deep thought.
I am depicting myself in the position that I am in because it best describes me. I love to do my make up and I am very good at it. The picture I chose to vector shows me putting mascara on my eye lashes which is a daily thing for me. The expression my face posses shows how concentrated I am on making myself look pretty. I feel that the position I am in shows me very well because I am always concerned about how I look, and I like to make myself look good. There for the picture of me looking into the mirror sums up myself as a whole.
The colors I used on myself affect my piece drastically. I used several different shades of brown for my skin tone because of how the light was hitting my body. If I has used shades of tan and beige my skin wouldn’t look correct on me because I am a very brown person. The whole image of me in general is very brown because I have brown skin and brown hair; therefore I had to be somewhat creative in using different hues in certain areas. The colors affect the entire vector because that is what the project is. You are laying colors onto of a picture, when the picture is removed underneath your work the art piece wouldn’t look right if the colors didn’t match closely to the pictures tone.
The colors in my piece show emotional expression because I am concentrating which is kind of a serious mood. The colors I used on myself are sort of dark and dark colors are serious. The piece is very structured which is also serious as well, the colors are uniformed. I guess what I am saying is if I used bright colors such as a nude color than my piece would look for happy and joyful. However its not so much as a I am not happy in my picture it is that I am focusing on one particular thing.
The thing I like best about my vector self portrait is the picture I chose to vector. It is one of my favorite pictures of myself because when I got it developed I just thought it was so cool looking. I am looking into a mirror and I am really seeing myself. I thought it was interesting how the picture didn’t have a huge flash off of the mirror, that was fascinating to me. The thing I like most about my actual work is my color source. It was very difficult for me at first to pick out the right colors for numerous reasons. One of them was the fact that the picture I chose was so pixilated that there were thousands of different colors in one cluster, I couldn’t agree with myself on one particular color for one part of my body. Another difficulty for choosing my colors was how the lighting was hitting my body in the picture, I couldn’t figure out what color would look best and how I couldn’t make it look like light and not like a big white spot on my shoulder. In the end I really liked the selection of colors I used and how they turned out upon myself. What I liked the least was probably using the pen tool. I am not very good at using it to begin with and I had to use it on my entire project and it was very difficult for me to, trace myself. I would have to say that’s what I liked the least. I think that I should have probably used several different tools such as the pencil tool and paint brush tool; that maybe would have

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Ex Libris

My ex libris came out better than what I thought it would. In the beginning it was hard to come up with ideas of what to draw, where to put shapes, how to angle them and such. However once I drew an idea and elaborated on it, drawing different versions of it, it became easy. I like the design I chose to outline, I think it is very graphic and has a lot of dimension in it. I feel that the imagery I chose looks very good as a whole. I like the color schemes I used, the navy and the beige seem to compliment each other. I chose these colors because they are very neutral and sort of boring, nothing surprising within the color or popping out just kind of laid back; I should say “calming colors”. I also like the red I used for the arch and the words; it sort of draws the viewer’s attention into the middle because the color is so bold. The white in the very middle also seems to stand out just because it stands alone and is the only white part of the artwork. The beige lines in the middle also direct the viewer’s attention to my initials and the words “Ex Libris”. I beige stand out from the navy in the middle drawing a path down the center of the piece. My art work is a form of art deco. I used art deco with the sharp lines and just the structured look of my piece makes it art deco. My piece Is very uniformed and distinct with the shapes and lines, this is a major part of art deco. I used the Pen tool for the entire thing. For the main background I used the same model of one line copy and pasting it several times and then either making it bigger or smaller and reflecting it vertically so everything would stay symmetrical. I basically used this technique throughout the whole piece. I liked this project, again I thought it was difficult in the beginning because im not a very good artist. However I enjoyed it, I thought it was pun to play around with the color schemes and basically just see your drawing come to life. I am not very good at using the pen tool but it is the most accurate for tracing.

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My piece

My design focuses on the elements of shape and color and the principle of emphasis. I achieved the shape element by using different art tools. The yellow and reddish pink circles were made by using the Circle Master No.1204I Inking Template, on that I used the 3 inch circle to trace. For the white swirls design I used the French curve tool and traced that moving it different angles. The 3 red squares I drew with a ruler measuring 1.2 inches for all 4 sides I also used a ruler to draw the two blue lines measuring 0.7 cm wide. Obviously I achieved the element of shape. To achieve color I was simply just random as to what colors would not take the focus off the emphasis. I chose the colors of reddish pink, white, royal red and royal blue. I achieved the principal of emphasis with the circles; I used neon yellow to direct the viewer’s attention to that specific point. The overall look and feel of my piece is its abstract. I think that it looks kind of serious with the black background. The movement of it is everything is flowing there aren’t any jagged edges, it’s smooth and calm. There is nothing crazy about it besides the bright colors; it’s a pretty simple piece.


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